What does your Business Portrait say about you?


Imagine the scenario: you are due to meet with a new possible client tomorrow – a client you would *really* like to work with. You have picked a meeting-place that is perfect and you are fully prepared with what you would like to discuss and offer them. The question is: would you turn up without considering how you look that day? Or would you put in that bit of extra effort in presenting yourself, reflecting perhaps your personality, your brand or your business? Would you present yourself with a clear welcoming smile when you first meet, designed to set the tone of your meeting? Or just look nervous, slightly distracted and perhaps not even meet their eye?

These may seem like ridiculous questions. Of course, we all know how important first (second & third!) impressions are within businesses. And yet, every day, I see countless businesses who are portraying themselves using an unprofessional and unflattering snapshot! Or perhaps an image that simply does not reflect them in the way they would want to be portrayed to future clients.

Business Natural Portrait in Woking, Surrey

Lets face it, we now live in a truly digital age where we communicate online, have an online presence and even partially run our lives online! And with social networking taking off in every direction, we are ‘meeting’ people online all the time. Quite often, our first visual encounter is now a digital one. Therefore it really does make a difference to have a business portrait that is both professional, but welcoming. For small businesses especially, when you yourself are a strong part of your brand, it is essential to portray yourself as you would wish to be seen and as you wish your business to be seen.

A lovely client of mine has very kindly agreed to let me use her ‘before & after’ photos. She is an aspiring writer who has written her first book and is looking for a publisher, so needed a portrait that made sure that she was taken seriously in her work, but also one that reflects her friendly personality. Like a vast majority of women that I work with, she stated that she was “not very good at having her photo taken”. Luckily, I’m quite good at helping with that. (-;

I like this example, as it pretty much shows everything you shouldn’t have in the original photo: she is looking completely away from the camera, is wearing sunglasses and well, lets face it, her hair is pretty much obscuring her face. I know for a fact, that the reason she was using this image, was because it was covering her face! Her new portrait shows her looking relaxed, approachable and engaging.

Below are some further examples that show my relaxed style of Business Portraiture – I work with natural light, so no oppressive big studio lights or flash – just beautiful, soft light, used in a flattering way, whilst I gently guide you through the process.

Relaxed Business Photography Portraits in SurreyRelaxed Business Photography Portraits in WokingRelaxed Business Portrait Photographer in Surrey

Do you have a Business Portrait that you are not 100% happy with? Perhaps you have always avoided having a professional photo taken due to nerves? Or maybe you are still using a snapshot and hoping that will ‘just do’?

Get in touch to find out more about the packages I offer so you can have a gorgeous Business Headshot to be proud to show off online! Please email for full details: info@kerryjphotography.co.uk

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  • Can I just say, how brilliant you are at taking photos. And yes, I used the above photo for my profile on Twitter and Facebook for a while, because my hair did cover my face lol!

    On the day of my grand photo shoot, I was extremely nervous but you put me at ease immediately. I always feel I never get a flattering photo of me, and you did a fantastic job! In fact, I will have to book you in again soon, to keep my image up to date. (Might have to wait till I do get that book deal).

    I feel guilty now… I should change my FB profile picture back (but I look at this as personal rather business), although your images are used in my header 😉 But I use your images on my blog, Twitter, Website, Tumbler and any other online account that represents me and my writing, and needs a profile picture.ReplyCancel

  • Damn – you are right! You have clearly illustrated how important a good mug shot is (or non-mug shot). Also *shuffles feet and looks at floor* I am guilty of using a rubbish snap shot, having convinced myself that because it’s in black and white then I’ll get away with it. Oops!ReplyCancel

    • Jodi – your comment made me smile – thank you for your honesty!!! (-:

      I actually think that there are a huge amount of small business owners out there who just ‘shuffle their feet and look at the floor!’. Even thought they know they *should* get a professional business portrait, they either think they can make do/get away with it/are absolutely terrified of having their photo taken.

      I also appreciate that with small business owners, cost is also sometimes an issue, which is why I am now running Business Portrait Mornings, where I can offer a special rate. Do email me if you would like details Jodi (info@kerryjphotography.co.uk) – I am hoping to run one more in November and then one in Jan or Feb.ReplyCancel