Moving Stories

A brilliant way to tell your story in a creative video.

Using the same creativity and storytelling approach for Brand Photography, a Moving Story will sit perfectly alongside photos or as a stand-alone piece.


There's so many ways that a short film can be used within your business, such as:

• A general overview of what you do/offer

• Giving people a walk-through of the process of working together
• Focussing on a specific part of your business that you want to highlight or promote
• Showing what happens behind-the-scenes
• Sharing a ‘flavour’ of the experience they will have
• Answering your most-asked questions in a creative way
• How products work in practice
• Highlighting what you do differently!


Take a look at these examples of three very different business types and if you're interested in finding out more about a Moving Story for your business, then why not book in a free Curiosity Call to find out more!

"Do not hesitate to use Kerry for a Moving Story. She takes you through the process in a methodical and supportive way, has plenty of ideas to get your message across clearly and is a lovely person to spend a few hours of your time working with."

Jo, Get Ahead Surrey
"I would highly recommend Kerry if you're considering making a video for your business. From discussing your needs to making filming a relaxing and smooth process on the day, Kerry will work with you step-by-step to bring your ideas to life."

Rhiannon, The Epsom Bakehouse

PlantPassion grow sustainable, seasonal British flowers and wanted to highlight the sustainability aspect, as this is what sets them apart from supermarket flowers. They wanted to show how they weave sustainability into every layer of their business. (Listen with the sound on - running time: 1 min 13.)

Get Ahead Surrey are a complete business virtual support service - Jo is a regional director and she wanted to give people an overall view of how they support businesses, plus show her empathy of the problems small businesses face AND introduce herself so people can feel they know her a bit better. A tall order for a short film? Have a watch and see what you think! It just shows how video can work perfectly for a service-based business. (Listen with the sound on - running time: 1 min 27)

Rhiannon runs The Epsom Bakehouse where you can join online bread making classes - she wanted a Moving Story that gave people a taster of what the experience of a class would be like and also her teaching style. Walking people through a class, workshop or experience is a brilliant way to help them gain understanding 'what it will be like', which in turn gives them confidence to give it a try. Warning: this video will make you hungry! (Listen with the sound on - running time: 1 min 22)

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