5 Top Tips for photographing your children at Christmas


For children especially, the ‘getting ready’ for Christmas and all the things that accompany it, is probably the MOST exciting bit. Don’t save getting your camera out for the big day itself – capture all the little moments as the preparations begin. So, opening the advent calender, tree decorating, baking, Christmas Eve – these are all lovely memories to capture. And quite often, children are so absorbed in what they are doing, you can get some really candid, natural images. 


When they were younger, my children used to come home with bags full of Christmas crafts they have made at school – I love these creations that they have put their own little glitter-tastic stamp on, but they are often not built to last. By photographing them, you can not only have a record of how their creative genius has progressed over the years, but there are hopefully no tears when something doesn’t quite make it til next Christmas!


I know, I know, it’s freezing and it’s VERY hard to tear yourself away from the sofa at Christmas. But I love this time of year for taking photos, the woolly hats/scarves/boots combo look super-cute on kids and I love the natural sparkles of frost. And after a brisk walk, it definitely makes it all the nicer coming back to a warm house and mince pies! (-;


I love this image of my littlest when she was younger, in her PJs, dancing around the room in the pure excitement of Christmas morning… 

There is nothing worse than missing special moments like this, because you forgot to charge your camera battery. So, get well prepared beforehand: charge (or have spare) batteries & make sure you have a brand new or empty card in your camera. Put your camera is in an easily accessible place, so you can just grab it when the special little impromptu moments come along.

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The most important tip for Christmas time is to make sure you are not worrying about always creating the perfect photograph, but putting the camera down and enjoying yourself instead! For me, its about making the memories with my family rather than just capturing them all behind a lens, all the time. As you can see from the below two sets of photos… time really does race by so quickly with kids. Remember, it’s the little moments that make the big picture.

Wishing you a fantastic and relaxing Christmas!

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