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Sunshine on a rainy day

Eugh, this rain. Lets face it, its been much much more than April showers, hasn’t it? Now normally, I don’t mind a *little bit* of rain here and there. It keeps me from having to water my garden & vege patch too much and it can make for amazing light for photography straight afterwards. But these last few weeks have been hard work. Pretty relentless rain, always seeming to be perfectly timed for the school run, and the hardest thing of all has been that my kids have pretty much been marooned indoors. Which they don’t take very kindly too.

So, after the constant rain of the weekend, when that sun came out for almost a whole hour on Sunday early evening, they were out there like a shot. They couldn’t get their wellies on quick enough in anticipation of the definite huge puddles they were going to find in the cul-de-sac where we live. In the one hours respite that we had that day they absolutely made the most of it. Jumping, splashing, seeing if they could actually get their wellies stuck in the mud (yes, they could and yes, it was messy!). And of course, experimenting with various objects to see if they would float in the deepest puddles.

Yes, I had to peel off their filthy wet clothes from them as soon as they walked in the back door.
Yes, it was straight into the bath to wash off the mud.
But it was an hour of pure, childhood fun.
Hope you enjoy the images.


Muddy puddles and childhood photographyMuddy puddles and childhood photographyMuddy puddles and childhood photographyMuddy puddles and childhood photography


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