Here's where I could tell you all about my love affair with photography since I learnt it at 16 in college... on film in a darkroom!

But instead of my potted life-history, let me tell you instead about what I can offer you as your photographer.


My background of design and marketing means that I see creative, marketing-ready photos before I even bring my camera up to my eye.


Over a decade of specialising in business photography means I'm really experienced at what I do AND at putting people at ease.


My creative-ideas-brain just LOVES helping those that don't have the ideas themselves.


And my sense of humour means that there's likely to be laughter along the way!

A client once described me as a gentle, encouraging soul with a fierce, inspiring passion for what I do. It sums me up pretty well!


But if you'd like to get to know me a bit better, than come over and follow me on Instagram , where I post lots more thoughts & photos.


Well, I have a slight obsession with cookbooks because I love food: making it and especially eating it. I believe that we really need to look after our planet and am happiest when I’m exploring the great outdoors with my family.


In our home, us girls hopelessly outnumber the (very patient!) husband – even the cat’s a girl! He does sometimes manage to get a word in edgeways, I promise. Our two wonderful daughters constantly amaze and challenge us on a daily basis. And never stop talking.

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Creative, authentic, business branding photography to help you shine & grow. Based in-between Woking & Guildford; covering Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and beyond...

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