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Project 365 | Capturing my everyday in photos | Week 16, 17 & 18

It’s been a while since I blogged my 365 Photography Project. Life has been busy & demanding and although I’m managing to keep up with taking a photo-a-day, I’m definitely behind on the blogging front now! I keep reminding myself that I can only do what I can do… and then the little perfectionist voice in my head pipes up to say that I’m failing somehow. I am choosing to ignore that voice! Onwards… and here is a 3 -week installment for you!


sunset through a skylight

When I spy an amazing sunset I always get the best view from our skylight.


child in black and white with sunlight

Last patch of sunshine in the garden….

Cherry blossom with lensbaby lens

Cherry blossom.

English Daisies taken with Lensbaby lens

Playing about with my new lens… these gorgeous pom-pom flowers are called ‘English Daisies’

girl lying in blanket of blossom

On the way to Brownies, we spied a blanket of blossom on the floor and couldn’t resist seeing what it felt like to lie down in it


Family photo session in the amazing bluebells today

children with grandparent

Over to see Nanny & Grandad. I love this photo!

View down from Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

Bank holiday and a day trip to Portsmouth. This is taken from the glass viewing platform at the top of the Spinnaker Tower, looking down.

Authentic photos of sisters

Sisterly love-bombing.

Natural, authentic, children's photography

ready for school. Not always happy about it, but always ready.

girl on trampoline

Dusk, but still out on the trampoline!

field of daisies

I can never resist a field of daisies.

The quality is rubbish (iPhone in bad light) BUT, but but, we were proper ‘out out’ (-:

Authentic children's everyday photography.

Lazy Sunday. All 3 of my girls on the trampoline together.

Exciting times as the chrysalis hatch into butterflies.

Natural, emotive newborn photography in Surrey

A very special newborn photoshoot for a good friend of mine. I can’t tell you just how scrumptious this little chap is.

Pom-pom clouds on the way to school.

child reading

Head in a book.

The end of SATS BBQ celebration. These 3 gorgeous girls have been friends since they were very small…

Painted lady butterfly

Finally we got to release the butterflies on a lovely sunny day in the garden.

Natural, creative children's photography at home in Surrey

This teepee has seen many, MANY years of fun and games. And now it’s good for chillaxing too.

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