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Project 365 | Capturing my everyday in photos | Week 14 & 15

April seemed to go by at the speed of an express train… I think that once your children start school, everything seems to get measured in school ‘terms’ (is this just me that feels like this?) Suddenly we are in the final summer term… and as this is my eldest’s final term at junior school, it really does suddenly feel like time is slipping through my fingers. It’s reasons like this that I am really glad to be doing this documentary daily project, however hard it is at times. Hope you enjoy these 2 weeks.


child at natural play.jpg

Hide and seek.

natural family photography in woods.jpg

My lovely niece and sister. Just love her little expression!

children playing.jpg


child and Great Dane.jpg

A wonderful visit to a friend… her Great Dane stole my girl’s heart!

Earl Grey on grass with daises.jpg

Happiness is… the kids climbing trees whilst I get to sit and enjoy a nice cuppa. Perfect.

Girl on tree-top course Wild Wood.jpg

My adrenaline-seeking 8 yr old! On a high tree-top adventure at Wild Wood.

cat and children playing.jpg

I just LOVE the expression on our cat’s face… resigned to the chaos in the background!

butterfly with damaged wing.jpg

She found a broken butterfly… still alive but damaged. Amazing to see it this close up though.

Grape hycianths.jpg

Little pockets of beauty found on the way to school.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli.jpg

Purple beauty of a different kind from the veg bed.

Flowers at dusk.jpg

My new lens arrived – a ‘Lens-Baby’, very different kind of lens for me, so expect lots of experimenting! This was in the garden at dusk.


School exhibition on evacuees. Her little proud face makes me smile!

Emotive photograph of young girl.jpg

Playing with the new Lensbaby lens… I love this shot.

girl cuddling baby lamb.jpg

Day out to cuddle new lambs… what could be better?

Lensbaby sweet 35.jpg

Late afternoon sun. New lens. Happy Me.

girl reading in bedroom.jpg

The wonderful thing about books is that you can retreat and escape into them when you’ve not had the best day. I can’t imagine life without books.

girl smelling spring flowers.jpg

She picked them on the way home from school.

Spring border.jpg

So much colour in the garden right now. Loving it.

child holding mothers hand.jpg

Making the most of every second that this little hand still wants to hold mine.


Friends. Love their giggles together.


I’m biased of course, but she’s beautiful. Inside and out.

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