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OOh, haven’t you grown?

It’s always wonderful when I get to know a family through a series of Photo Sessions.

Firstly, I get to document their little ones growing-up and provide them with a beautiful reminder of each special stage. Secondly, I actually get to enjoy watching the children grow up, which is always rewarding – and especially so when a child opens the door to me, remembers me and is really pleased to see me again. (Those sort of moments make my day!) And thirdly, its always so lovely catching up with the parents, hearing about their lives too. Quite often, if they live locally, we discuss the schools, the best soft plays and classes and quite what you do when you discover your child has stuck a smallish pebble up their nose. Apparently they wanted to see what it ‘felt like’.

So, this was the second time I met this little boy. First time I met him, he was a chubby-faced little baby with whom I played peek-a-boo. This time, he was sitting up, which is one of my favourite stages to photograph. We spent some times indoors, where he showed me all his new-favourite toys. And then we went out in the garden, and he showed me his very favourite ball pool. We played ball pool games (which involved him throwing the balls out and me putting them back in), blowing bubbles (who doesn’t like bubbles?) and throwing a ball for their lively little dog (who knew he was onto a soft touch with me).

Hope you enjoy a few from our morning together. And if you like the idea of documenting your children as they grow in some creative portraits, then do get in touch.


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