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New beginnings, new challenges, (and a Happy New Year!)

There’s something about the beginning of a new year that makes us go a little bit… well, bonkers. Even though it’s actually the middle of winter, the days are still oh-so-short and pretty bleak and grey too; we still decide this is the VERY best time to launch some hefty resolutions, which are pretty hard to keep in the above conditions!

I don’t usually make resolutions… I find January is just hard work in itself . However, change the word resolution to aspiration and I’m OK with that. It’s good to have hopes, dreams, wishes and rough plans of how you would like your year to plan out, and aspirations can still have goals attached to them as well…. plus challenges.

I’ve always toyed with the idea of doing a 365 Photography challenge – basically where you try to take a photo every day of the year, starting in January. It sounds simple, right? Especially since I’m a photographer and all. Well, here’s the truth. I’m a photographer who is also a bit of a perfectionist in my work…. I absolutely strive for exceeding my client’s expectations. Every. Single. Time. Which is good news, for the lovely people I work for. But it can be hard work when I apply it to my own personal photos… and which is why I have always shied away from doing this challenge. I am scared I will be too hard on myself creatively, which will cause me to give up. And I hate giving up.

But I’m aspiring to go for it this year… and I’m *gulp* going to let go of perfection. I want to take a few minutes out every day, just for me. I want to capture a year of my kids, as they are growing up fast. I want to challenge myself. This is going to be a daily glimpse into my everyday (even when my everyday is dullsville central). Some will be on my Big-Girl camera, some will be on my iPhone. I will try and do a round-up here on the blog at the end of every week – any comments or feedback very very welcome!

Here starts the journey… (a little bit over a week’s worth to fit in the year starting on a thursday). Hope you enjoy.





‘The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe’ at the theatre.

First walk of the year. It was freezing, damp and generally miserable. We gave up after 3/4 hr 😉

Clothes-shopping trip with my ever-growing girl.

Last lazy morning/first day back at school.

I noticed these always pen-stained fingers are starting to lose their last bit of chubbiness. This makes me sad… I vow to capture more of them.

Walk home from school.

Another grey day. Cheered up by friends walking to school with us.

Muddiest walk EVER. My little explorer loved every squelch.

Park-time. I froze. They loved it.



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