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Musings on being an (im)perfect mum.

“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.”

You know what? Apart from Mary Poppins (who we all know is practically perfect in every way), I’m not sure there is such a thing as being a perfect mum. And anyway, lets face it, if you could just simply click your fingers to get the tidying up done, then we’d all be laughing, wouldn’t we? (Seriously, I would LOVE that as a super-hero skill.)

But us mums do seem to give ourselves a hard time if we don’t always get it right, don’t we? I don’t know if its just part of being from a generation of women who are made to feel potentially able to ‘do-it-all’: have a career, look amazing, keep fit, eat healthily, bake cakes… oh and raise kids who are equally fantastically doing-it-all too.

I know I seem to be forever feeling guilty about one thing or another… this can randomly range from worrying I have shouted at my children too much today, or that I didn’t get time to do reading with my youngest this week or make up a really inventive Book Day costume, whisk up home made cakes for the cake bake sale or perhaps because I am simply too exhausted after a photoshoot to do anything but heat up some beans on toast for them.

I hope that somewhere along the line, I am doing an OK job though. I tell my daughters that I love them every day, I give copious cuddles at any opportunity, I celebrate their achievements with them (however small), commiserate when things don’t go right and let them know that I will unconditionally be there for them. I’m hoping that if the big things are in place, then maybe the small stuff won’t matter quite so much. Fingers crossed.

So, today, here’s to all of us who are far from being the perfect mum. Let’s celebrate our imperfectly perfect lives and just love our children as best as we can. Happy Mother’s Day.


photo of mum and daughters


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