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Learn how to capture gorgeous photos of YOUR children with your DSLR or Bridge camera!

The camera takes the photograph, but YOU make the image

*Gulp* It’s not often that I would post a photograph I have taken that is rubbish. Quite frankly, it’s making me wince putting it on here! But for this blog post I wanted to simply demonstrate the difference between letting the camera take the image and you CREATING the image.

So, here’s the facts about these images:

1) Both of these images are taken on an SLR camera (camera with interchangeable lenses) by the same person – me! Both were taken on family holidays.

2) Both of these images are shown as straight out of the camera, no editing or processing afterwards.

3) The first image was taken when I first got my digital SLR, many, many years ago. You see, I learnt photography on a film camera (which didn’t have the option of auto), and when I made the swap to digital much later on, my first few photos were on auto, as I wanted to see what it could do – it was a novelty! This photo was taken on auto-everything, with the camera ‘choosing’ every setting, focus, EVERYTHING. (And it’s still making me wince.)

4) The second image is after realising that my new all-singing, all-dancing digital SLR was pretty rubbish on auto – the novelty wore quickly off! I chose this image carefully to show you the difference, as I didn’t want it to be an image you might feel that only a professional photographer could take. It’s a photo that I believe anyone could achieve by knowing the basics of photography, understanding how their camera actually works, applying some creativity and practicing these skills.

5) The second image uses pretty much all of the techniques, knowledge and creative ideas that I teach on my Beginner’s Photography for Parents Workshop: getting that lovely blurry background,  great focussing, using light to your advantage and creative composition – plus getting the best out of working with children!

It makes such a difference to your photos when YOU understand and control your camera. It means that YOU make the image, rather than the machine you are holding. This is the fundamentals of what I teach in my Photography Workshops (based in Woking, Surrey) and I am passionate about it – I really believe that with practice and the knowledge I arm you with, your photos can really improve.

Interested in learning more and taking your photography to the next level to capture gorgeous photos of YOUR children? Then find out more about the ‘Beginners Creative Photography for Parents’ Workshops that I offer here and what you can gain from them.

I also run Photography Workshops for Businesses with DSLR/Bridge cameras, Creative Smartphone Workshops, Instagram for Business and school holiday Workshops for Tweens & Teens. Or why not organise your own Workshop with friends, lots of fun and I bring the Workshop to you – with homemade cakes!

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