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How YOUR uniqueness inspires me.

Every Family Portrait Session is unique.

You may think that this is just a marketing line, but I can promise you its not. Every Portrait Session is unique because you and your family are. No two families are ever the same, no one has the same shared history, the same backgrounds, the same funny little traditions, the same connections between each other.

This is one of the many things that drives and inspires me as a family photographer. This is what I strive to capture for you – the way that your little girl throws her head back when she has a proper belly laugh and how your boys absolutely CANNOT pass that tree without trying to climb it. It’s the little details and the small moments that make up the bigger picture.

It’s also why I tailor-make every Portrait Session to reflect you as a family. I love to be taken to new places, places I have never been but that you love to go together.

For this family, we started out in their home – I got proudly shown the beautiful girly bedroom, then we had some fun mucking about on mummy & daddy’s bed before heading out to a little place on the river Thames where there was a lock and some woods. I had never been there before, but that didn’t matter – it was a little place that they like to go for a wander on an afternoon and I was there as a guest, visiting their family for a while and capturing everything that is special about it.

Here are some of my favourites – hope you enjoy them.


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