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How much can you *really* learn in a half-day Parents Photography Workshop?

There’s lots of ways you can learn the art of photography… from books, from online tutorials…. even from your camera manual, if you can decipher it! You can also attend a whole course of evening classes, if you have the time. I would encourage anyone to learn in whichever way suits them best, as learning how to understand your camera is a great skill to have, especially when you’re a parent and want to grab gorgeous pictures of your kids.

I believe that being taught in-person, with hands-on instruction, in a relaxed environment does make for the quickest (and most enjoyable!) way to learn. You need to be able to ask questions, and it to be in an environment that you feel comfortable asking them!

So, how much can you *really* learn in my half-day ‘Creative Photography for Parents Workshop? The proof is in the pictures themselves I think. Here are some taken by a dad a couple of weeks after he attended the workshop, and they show lots of what I teach about not only understanding your camera, but also the best ways to work with kids! 

Girl with shadow across faceThis photo is showing a great understanding of working creatively with light, something which can make SUCH a difference to your photos, plus the composition is strong and engaging with a fantastic natural smile.

girl on swing in natural light

Capturing children playing naturally means that you get those wonderful, authentic expressions of joy. And knowing what shutter speed you need to capture movement is important here too!

Photography students work - girl with natural smile

What a beautiful, genuine expression on her face! There are lots of different ways to engage with your children whilst behind the camera to get beautiful soulful expressions like this… sometimes it’s not always about getting a full-wattage grin! You can really see a great depth-of-field in the background too (that’s the name for that lovely blurry background that everyone wants to be able to achieve, so we practise lots of this within the Workshop!).

Love seeing fab photographs captured by my Workshop students –  when I see that they have taken so many of the techniques & tips I teach, and put them into practice, it makes me happy! Many thanks to Richard who gave me permission to share these.

If you’d like to learn skills like these, so that YOU can take better photos of your children, then my next ‘Beginners Creative Photography Workshop for Parents’ is on Sat 9th May in Woking – click here to find out everything you will learn and take-away!





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