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How to get maximum value out of business photography for your brand

retro camera and money demonstrating value business photographyIt’s fair to say that commissioning your own business photography, specific for your brand, has an upfront cost outlay that many small businesses might gulp at, in comparision to the ever-cheaper stock images on offer. However, the advantages to owning your very own images (hopefully with you in at least some of them!) which are tailor-made just for your business needs, are very much worth it.

If you’re not already aware of WHY it makes good marketing sense to have business photography specific to your brand, take a look at this article I co-wrote for the Guildford Business Hub. And once you’ve realised that trawling through endless bland stock images just isn’t putting out the message you want to potential clients, how can you then make sure you get maximum value out of a branding photoshoot?

two shadows of people demonstrating talking to customersConsider WHO you are talking to (or want to talk to)

I always advise clients to go right back to the beginning and think about WHO they want their photos to appeal to. Hopefully you already have your customer profile/avatar – and if you haven’t, you should definitely do so – Jonathan Howkins has lots of helpful information on this to get you going. Knowing you are talking to will help spark ideas & set the tone for the whole photoshoot.

Find a photographer who wants to take the time to understand your brand & be creative

If you can write a full photography brief, chock full of creative ideas from your marketing department, to hand over to a photographer to work to, then great! However, the reality for most SMEs is that they might ‘kind of’ have some vague ideas but really need some input & guidance. Find a creative photographer that will be more than happy to chat through ideas and make suggestions & you get massive added value.

image showing planning and preparation for corporate photoshootPlanning, planning, planning

I can’t emphasise this one enough – a good commercial photoshoot requires maximum planning, so that you can get the most out of it. I always provide a provisional shot list beforehand , which will have been fully discussed so we both have in writing exactly what we want to capture – an experienced photographer will have a good idea of what ‘s achievable in your timeframe.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Once you have your own library of gorgeous bespoke images, then do make sure you make the most of them! Ideally you should be using them for a full range of purposes – within your website, for a wide variety of platforms within social media, for articles & blogging, for printed usage, for exhibitions… the list is endless. And don’t be afraid to re-purpose images either – the more people see your images, the more they’ll associate them with your brand and you start to get instant visual recognition.

Kerry Harrison - surrey photographerOnce you start on the process of creating your own business photography, it’s the beginning of an exciting journey creating your very own images – a chance to get super-creative and really put your own stamp on images that can truly help you connect with your tribe of prospective clients.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how a branding photoshoot could help YOUR business stand out from the crowd, then why not take advantage of my free no-obligation 20 minute phone/Skype Creative Consultation. Drop me an email: with your phone number and a good time to get in touch – I look forward to speaking to you.

Images 3 & 4 used with kind permission from The Guildford Hub

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