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Frequently Asked Questions

I feel really nervous about doing this as I *really* don’t like having my photograph taken
This a worry that crops up regularly, usually from us mums who are far too hard on ourselves! If you really hate having your photo taken but are still considering family photographs then you are doubly amazing, in my view. And the good news is that I make it easy for you. All you need to do is focus on having fun with your family and let me take care of the rest. My relaxed style of photography means that it is ideally suited to those nervous of the camera.

What if my children don’t behave?!
This is a very common worry, but it is very rarely a problem. Firstly, be reassured that because I am a mum of two myself, there is not much that kids will do that I haven’t seen before! Secondly, I make sure that I have found out all about your family beforehand and what makes your children happy, so the Session very much is lead by them. Thirdly, because I allow plenty of time, if there are any tantrums involved, or we need to take a break then it’s no problem. Really, it isn’t.

My child is very shy and doesn’t like strangers
Through my 5+ years of experience as a family photographer, I have worked with all types of children and I approach each Portrait Session according to the different personalities of your child/children, which we will have discussed together beforehand in our Pre-Session chat. I allow plenty of time for children to get used to me and am always happy to just sit and chat/play for a while without even getting my camera out, if need be.

Help! I have older children who are independently minded and aren’t keen on posing for family photos!
I relish having the opportunity to work with older kids and teenagers! They are forging their own opinions on life and this makes it really interesting. I like to make sure they feel that they are part of the whole process and encourage their own creative ideas for shots. I find that approaching teenagers at their own level and respecting their feelings allows me to work with them rather than against them. Give me a call and we can chat through some ideas.

I have a child with additional/special needs
All families are individual and I am always happy to work with you – whatever the needs of your child – to capture the best results for you as a family. Just let me know and we can chat about your child in-depth and I can pop over for a pre-visit if that’s helpful for you.

What happens if it rains?
The British weather is famous for being changeable and I always keep a close eye on the forecast on the run-up to your Portrait Session. If it’s looking like the weather will be heavy rain or high winds, then I would be in touch to discuss whether we need to either reschedule or change our plans to an inside location. If just light showers are forecast, then we would talk together about going ahead, ideally with our planned location having somewhere we can duck the showers!

What do we all wear?
I will give you guidance on this in our Pre-Session chat; however my relaxed style of photography means that you do get to wear pretty much what you feel comfortable in! There is definitely no need for matching outfits or ‘best’ clothes!

I love your style of photography but only want 2/3 photographs – is it possible to have just a quick Photo Session with you?
The way I work with families is all part of how I capture such relaxed and natural shots – I spend time getting to know you and your children and nothing is rushed. If you are after something quicker or just a few shots then I would advise going to a Studio environment where they are set up to work quickly.