Creative, authentic photography that has storytelling at it's heart

Beautiful, natural & soulful family photography

If you've come to this page I'm imagining that you're probably someone who loves family photography that's a bit different. You long for something more than the 'everyone forced-grinning at the camera' shots; it goes without saying that you'd shudder at the thought of everyone wearing matching clothes in front of a soulless white background.

You always try and carve out time together with your family, whether it's just doing the simplest of things or dreaming up adventures, because you know that childhood passes more quickly than you can ever imagine and that memories are the best gift to give to your kids. You love just hanging out together and are not afraid to share affection and belly laughs. You might, like me, believe that life doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful, and trying to make it look 'perfectly staged' in a set of family photographs just isn't authentic enough for you.

The type of Family Portraits I capture embrace and celebrate your life together, as it really is. All the connections, the affection, the quirks, the chaos, the quiet moments. I see the beauty in the everyday and will capture gorgeous, emotive photographs for you that can be turned into unique pieces of art for your home and that you'll treasure for the rest of your lives; images that tell stories of real lives and real love.

Families tell me they like how I put them at ease, even if they’re feeling a bit nervous. I find children of all ages fascinating and parents often mention that they love how I interact with their kids and how they respond to me. My years of honed-mummy-skills mean that I bring along oodles of patience and tons of enthusiasm. I genuinely love bringing out the best in children and have lots of techniques to help coax the stubborn, calm the very spirited, and gently encourage the most shy.

Take a look at the Galleries below and you'll see the style of family photography that I love to capture for families.

Simply, I want you to be yourselves and celebrate it. Sing your song, dance your dance and let me tell your tale. It's an investment in your family that you will never, ever regret.