Project 365 | Capturing my everyday in photos | Week 14 & 15

April seemed to go by at the speed of an express train… I think that once your children start school, everything seems to get measured in school ‘terms’ (is this just me that feels like this?) Suddenly we are in the final summer term… and as this is my eldest’s final term at junior school, it really does suddenly feel like time is slipping through my fingers. It’s reasons like this that I am really glad to be doing this documentary daily project, however hard it is at times. Hope you enjoy these 2 weeks.


child at natural play.jpg

Hide and seek.

natural family photography in woods.jpg

My lovely niece and sister. Just love her little expression!

children playing.jpg


child and Great Dane.jpg

A wonderful visit to a friend… her Great Dane stole my girl’s heart!

Earl Grey on grass with daises.jpg

Happiness is… the kids climbing trees whilst I get to sit and enjoy a nice cuppa. Perfect.

Girl on tree-top course Wild Wood.jpg

My adrenaline-seeking 8 yr old! On a high tree-top adventure at Wild Wood.

cat and children playing.jpg

I just LOVE the expression on our cat’s face… resigned to the chaos in the background!

butterfly with damaged wing.jpg

She found a broken butterfly… still alive but damaged. Amazing to see it this close up though.

Grape hycianths.jpg

Little pockets of beauty found on the way to school.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli.jpg

Purple beauty of a different kind from the veg bed.

Flowers at dusk.jpg

My new lens arrived – a ‘Lens-Baby’, very different kind of lens for me, so expect lots of experimenting! This was in the garden at dusk.


School exhibition on evacuees. Her little proud face makes me smile!

Emotive photograph of young girl.jpg

Playing with the new Lensbaby lens… I love this shot.

girl cuddling baby lamb.jpg

Day out to cuddle new lambs… what could be better?

Lensbaby sweet 35.jpg

Late afternoon sun. New lens. Happy Me.

girl reading in bedroom.jpg

The wonderful thing about books is that you can retreat and escape into them when you’ve not had the best day. I can’t imagine life without books.

girl smelling spring flowers.jpg

She picked them on the way home from school.

Spring border.jpg

So much colour in the garden right now. Loving it.

child holding mothers hand.jpg

Making the most of every second that this little hand still wants to hold mine.


Friends. Love their giggles together.


I’m biased of course, but she’s beautiful. Inside and out.

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How much can you *really* learn in a half-day Parents Photography Workshop?

There’s lots of ways you can learn the art of photography… from books, from online tutorials…. even from your camera manual, if you can decipher it! You can also attend a whole course of evening classes, if you have the time. I would encourage anyone to learn in whichever way suits them best, as learning how to understand your camera is a great skill to have, especially when you’re a parent and want to grab gorgeous pictures of your kids.

I believe that being taught in-person, with hands-on instruction, in a relaxed environment does make for the quickest (and most enjoyable!) way to learn. You need to be able to ask questions, and it to be in an environment that you feel comfortable asking them!

So, how much can you *really* learn in my half-day ‘Creative Photography for Parents Workshop? The proof is in the pictures themselves I think. Here are some taken by a dad a couple of weeks after he attended the workshop, and they show lots of what I teach about not only understanding your camera, but also the best ways to work with kids! 

Girl with shadow across faceThis photo is showing a great understanding of working creatively with light, something which can make SUCH a difference to your photos, plus the composition is strong and engaging with a fantastic natural smile.

girl on swing in natural light

Capturing children playing naturally means that you get those wonderful, authentic expressions of joy. And knowing what shutter speed you need to capture movement is important here too!

Photography students work - girl with natural smile

What a beautiful, genuine expression on her face! There are lots of different ways to engage with your children whilst behind the camera to get beautiful soulful expressions like this… sometimes it’s not always about getting a full-wattage grin! You can really see a great depth-of-field in the background too (that’s the name for that lovely blurry background that everyone wants to be able to achieve, so we practise lots of this within the Workshop!).

Love seeing fab photographs captured by my Workshop students –  when I see that they have taken so many of the techniques & tips I teach, and put them into practice, it makes me happy! Many thanks to Richard who gave me permission to share these.

If you’d like to learn skills like these, so that YOU can take better photos of your children, then my next ‘Beginners Creative Photography Workshop for Parents’ is on Sat 9th May in Woking – click here to find out everything you will learn and take-away!





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Project 365 | Capturing my everyday in photos | Week 12 & 13

It’s definitely catch-up time! One of the challenges of being a mum-running-your-own-business is that you have lots of school holidays to juggle. This Easter I took some time off with the girls and thoroughly enjoyed it… however it’s fair to say that it’s taken me a couple of weeks to catch up after having time off!

Actually capturing a photo-a-day became a real joy during the hols, but keeping up with the blogging definitely took a back seat. So the next two blog posts will be double-whammy-weeks, and then hopefully I will have caught up! Hope you enjoy this set…



Moving train through window

Early morning train to a commercial shoot..

Satsumas photographed in natural light

Sometimes, things arrive in my veg box that inspire me with their colours or form.

Artist's acrylics

Encouraging a love of art.

Children's Easter Egg competition

Daughter no. 2 won a prize in the Easter Egg comp with her version of Jack and Jill!

Child learning to make a cup of tea

Working towards her Brownie’s ‘Food’ Badge… and an essential life skill – tea-making!!

Bare trees in the sky

Before the leaves and blossoms. There’s something so sculptural about trees when they are bare.

Shadows in the sunshine

Me & her. Daughter no.1 is almost as tall as me already at age 11!

Dark pink camellia against bright blue spring sky

Camellia had just come out in bloom, gorgeous against a beautiful blue sky! I love Spring!

Children at home watching television

Girls went to Easter holiday camp today whilst I was on a Family Portrait Session… they come home happy, but exhausted. Time for TV and tea.

Yellow Spring blooms on shrub

Yellow is such a cheerful Spring colour. Did I mention that I LOVE Spring?

chocolate birds nest homeade cakes

Easter isn’t Easter without chocolate birds nest cakes.

Party balloons

My gorgeous niece is visiting and the girls wanted to do a little party for her as she’s just turned five… these are dinosaur-designed balloons, as that’s her current obsession!

Children playing on trampoline

And here she is… spot the dinosaur t-shirt? (-:

Hot Cross Buns

Easter Weekend…. and Hot Cross Buns.

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3 instant ways of improving photos of your children without even picking your camera up!

So, you’ve got a camera and you love to grab it at every available opportunity to photograph your kids… all those milestones, all those days out, all the special times together as a family. But sometimes you wish you could improve the photos you take… sometimes it’s frustrating that they won’t look your way, smile at the same time and generally behave for the camera, right?

As a specialist in natural Family Photography, I know that capturing wonderful photos of children has a huge dollop of Child Psychology involved. So here’s some simple ways you can capture better photos of your children BEFORE you whip the camera out!

1) Pick your moment
Have you ever been in the middle of a good book/film/bubble bath and someone is suddenly DEMANDING your attention? Irritating, isn’t it?! You’re right ‘in the moment’ and you don’t really appreciate the interruption. This is quite often how children feel when they are absolutely in the middle of THE BEST GAME EVER, or perhaps have just arrived somewhere new and exciting and want to explore…. and and and…  you want to take their photo! You’ll get a much better response if you pick a moment when they are NOT dying to go off and do something else quite so much.

natural photography children


2) Stop trying to make them sit still
Fact: kids don’t like to keep rigidly still. In fact, it goes against every childlike instinct they have. Even when they are ‘sitting still’, they’re not really… they’ll be swinging their legs or picking at something with their hands. And the more you ask them to ‘keep really still’, the more unnatural their expression and position. Instead, think of ways to keep their interest so that they stay still enough to get the shot you want… whether that’s telling a story or pretending to be a princess/pirate/Gruffalo. Or simply accept that the sitting-still poses don’t really show their character anyway and try capturing something more ‘active’ instead!

capturing children's characters in photos

having fun with photographing your children3) Don’t ask for forced emotion
You ask for forced emotion, that’s what it will look like. You know how it feels as an adult when you have to smile on cue. It’s 10 times worse to expect children to do this, as they haven’t really quite mastered that fake emotion thing like us grown-ups. So, leave out the “Say Cheese/Sausages” routine and actually try getting some real smiles. You know your child best, so work with what makes them smile and giggle. Whether that’s singing Postman Pat, telling jokes, blowing raspberries; try a different way next time you want a beautiful, natural smile.

Natural smiles children

natural smiles children (All the above photos are taken of my own children, whom, believe it or not, are actually much harder to photograph than other people’s children!)

If you’d like to learn more about how to take better photos of your children by both understanding about your camera AND learning about the best ways of working with kids, then click here to find out more about my ‘Creative Photography for Parents’ Photography Workshops held at venues within Surrey (next one is Sat 9th May which still has a few spaces).

PS I love to bring all my experience both as a mum and a professional photographer into this Workshop… you’ll find out the best settings on your camera AND how I get those lovely natural smiles from my own children! Come along and join us in a small group where you’ll get 1:1 attention whilst you learn.


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Project 365 | Capturing my everyday in photos | Week 11

March is rolling by and the days get steadily longer and (mostly) brighter. The temptation to photograph all the gorgeous flowers that are appearing is strong, but I try and drag myself away from them this week (well, a bit anyway)!

Sometimes it’s really obvious what to take a photo of that day… and sometimes I am literally running for my camera to photograph something that is happening right now and I *need* to capture… this week saw me doing this twice, both of these moments with my girls, as seen in the set below… hope you enjoy them.


Cream tea and vintage china photo

Meet-up with friends… Early Grey Cream tea. Yum

Beautiful dog photography

Up to visit a friend who has a gorgeous Great Dane – what a soft-hearted old soul he was.

contemporary flower photography

Amaryllis. This flower is pretty ‘showy’ when fully open… what’s more interesting (to me) to capture is the subtle detail BEFORE it opens.

Fun photographs of you children

The ‘head-above-the-trampoline’ shot. Tricky shot to get right, especially with bunches flying about!

beautiful flower photography

Perfect light on a teeny alpine flower.

Capture childhood creatively with your camera.

Doing some catwalk modelling down our hall!

Capture childhood creatively with your camera.

In a world of her own.

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