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Being 39.

Back at the beginning of July, it was my birthday… and I realised that I only had ONE WHOLE YEAR LEFT of being in my thirties. Which, as my daughter would say, is ‘freaky!!‘ Freaky, because I still feel most days like I am nowhere NEAR 40.

Now, I personally think there are two ways to approach this ‘hurtling-towards-me’ milestone. One involves panic, despair and musing about things going downhill from now on in. The other alternative is to meet it head-on, embrace it and feel gratitude that I am happy, healthy and…. well, anyway, it’s just a number, isn’t it?

If I’m really honest, I think it’s likely that the closer 40 runs towards me, I may well sway between Approach 1 & 2 in my head. But I’m aiming for embracing it and being grateful for everything that is good in my life. Because when you look back, I don’t think it’s necessarily about what you have achieved, but how you have lived your life.

So every day that I can, I am taking a picture of something, from that day, to smile about. It doesn’t need to big stuff, in fact it’s turning out to be mostly the little things. To make it more of a challenge for myself, I decided it would all be on my iphone. That means no excuses, as my iphone is always with me, but limitations compared to my normal camera.

I am a bit behind with collating them, so here is the first month – July: in pictures. My little daily smiles. (-:



Being 39 - month 1




PS If you are a bit of an instagram addict, come and find me: kerryjphoto. I love seeing snippets of people’s lives through photography!

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