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Ages and stages – why 6 months is a good time to book a Family Photo Session with your baby

If I was forced to pick one age of which I love to photograph babies, it would be around the 6-7 month age mark. Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole newness and amazement of newborn babies. And those first smiles. And when they can first roll over… OK, so I love all the baby stages and have photographed them all. But at about 6/7 months is a great time to commission some family photography. Here’s why:

1) Variety of poses: your baby can usually sit up unaided (if only for a short while). This makes for extremely sweet pictures of them sitting independently. They are able to push themselves up happily on their fronts and quite often can bear weight on their feet whilst being held upright.

2) Happy in their own skin: usually by this stage, babies are past the real unconsolable crying stage. If they do cry, they can be distracted very easily with a quick game of peek-a-boo or just a simple little song. They smile and giggle and laugh and genuinely find things funny.

3) Interest in the world around them: you name it, babies of this age are into it… normally whatever they can lay their hands on! The genuine fascination with life has begun and it makes for great photography moments.

4) Interaction with YOU! This is the one of the best reasons for family photography at this age of their little lives – your baby’s most favourite person in the world right now, is you. And this is what I most love to capture at this age on a family photoshoot, those very special moments of interaction between parents and their baby, whether it is playing, cuddles, hiding, this is a great time to record just how much of a bond you have already formed.

The funny thing about the half year mark is, on one hand it feels like they have been around forever – in fact its hard to imagine what your life was like before they were here. On the other hand, the time has raced by so quickly you feel like you have blinked and its gone by!

Below are some of my favourites from a Family Photo Session I did recently – if you are interested in capturing some memories from this special stage, then please do get in touch.

K x

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