Frequently Asked Questions


I feel really nervous about doing this as I *really* don’t like having my photograph taken
Trust me, you are not alone in feeling like this - I would estimate that 95% of people feel the same! I understand and have years of experience of helping to put people at ease. Take a look through the Gallery of photos - I promise you that most of my clients felt the same as you, but you wouldn't be able to tell it from looking at their portraits! It might also help to know that I guide you through the whole experience, so you don't need to worry about 'what to do'.


I'm really unphotogenic!
Again, you would be amazed to know how many people say this to me; usually what has happened is that you've had some unflattering photos of you taken at some point in the past and now you (understandably) believe this about yourself. With over a decade of photographing people, I've yet to find someone who is unphotogenic! We'll work together to find the most flattering way to photograph you - different approaches work for different people and I'd love to help discover what works best for you.


I have no ideas about what my photos should be like!
Don't worry - this is what I LOVE to help with! Both my background in design & marketing, plus my 12+ years of experience mean that I have a lot of knowledge about brand and how to speak visually to your audience.


Do you help with what to wear?
Yes - you'll get emailed some Top Tips for preparing for your photoshoot if you go for the Simple Headshot or Mini-Branding Package. For the Brand Storytelling Package or above, we'll discuss more in-depth during your Creative Consultation.


Do you help with location ideas?
Yes, definitely. With the Brand Storytelling Package or above, we'll discuss this during your Creative Consultation as location is a key part of the storytelling element and can really enhance your photos.


Do you photograph men too?
Absolutely! Although the majority of my clients are women, I have photographed lots of men over the years too. Just ask if you'd like to see some portfolio shots.


Do I need to have hair & make-up done professionally?
It's completely your choice - I can recommend people if you'd like to do so, however I don't make it a pre-requisite as part of the shoot. I do give some simple tips on what is most important with hair and make-up for your photoshoot.


What happens if it's an outdoor location and it rains?
The British weather is famous for being changeable and I always keep a close eye on the forecast on the run-up to your photoshoot. If it’s looking like the weather will be heavy rain or high winds, then I would be in touch to discuss whether we need to either reschedule or change our plans to an inside location. If just light showers are forecast, then we would talk together about going ahead, ideally with somewhere planned in that we can dodge any light showers!

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